Copper Substrate PCB

Copper substrate PCB is the most expensive kind of metal substrate, and its heat conduction effect is many times better than aluminum substrate and iron substrate. Copper substrate PCB is suitable for high-frequency circuits and areas with large changes in high and low temperature, as well as heat dissipation and architectural decoration industries for precision communication equipment.

Copper substrates PCB generally include gold-immersed copper substrates PCB, silver-plated copper substrates PCB, tin-sprayed copper substrates PCB, and oxidation-resistant copper substrates PCB. The circuit layer of the copper substrate PCB is required to have a large current-carrying capacity, so thicker copper foil should be used, the thickness is generally 35μm~280μm; the thermally conductive insulating layer is the core technology of the copper substrate PCB, and the core thermal conductive components are aluminum oxide and silicon powder The composition is composed of epoxy resin filled polymer, low thermal resistance (0.15), excellent viscoelasticity, thermal aging resistance, and ability to withstand mechanical and thermal stress. The metal base layer of the copper substrate PCB is the supporting member of the copper substrate PCB, which requires high thermal conductivity, generally copper plate, copper plate can also be used (in which copper plate can provide better thermal conductivity), suitable for conventional machining such as drilling, punching and cutting .

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